UN Day 2007
UN Turin Opens its Doors to Citizens

UN Turin Opens its Doors to Citizens to Celebrate UN Day 2007

Turin, 21 October 2007. The UN campus in Turin opens its doors to the public on 21 October 2007 for the first time in several years.

The campus hosts three bodies within the UN system: the ITC/ILO, the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization; UNICRI, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute; and the UNSSC, the United Nations System Staff College.

The directors of the three organizations will welcome the visitors, for whom several activities have been organized: audiovisual presentations, meetings with the staff, photography displays and the creation of one of the biggest UN flags in the world. The visitors will take part in creating the flag. "We have decided to invite citizens of Turin to visit the campus to promote a sense of participation and belonging to UN values and works," is the message from the three directors.


The idea is to involve civil society in the work of the United Nations. It will offer the citizens of Turin a special day out with the United Nations. The initiative is supported by the local authorities, and it has been organized to celebrate UN Day.

On 23 October, a ceremony will mark the opening of training activities on the UN campus, in the presence of the Deputy Secretary-General, Ms Asha Rose Migiro, and the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Rt. Hon. Vittorio Craxi. The celebrations will conclude with a concert given by the RAI Symphony Orchestra.

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