Workshop in Madrid
Victims and witness protection

UNICRI and the Attorney General of Spain
organize a workshop in Madrid on victims and witness protection

Madrid, 16 November 2007. Within the framework of its programme on Security Governance and Counter-Terrorism, the Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) will organize an advance training course on victims and witness protection in cooperation with the Attorney General of Spain. The event will take place in Madrid at the 'Centro de Estudios Jurìdicos' (CEJ) of the Spanish Ministry of Justice from 19 to 21 November.

The meeting aims at developing knowledge and facilitating exchange of experiences relating to victims and witness protection. The course, coordinated by Mr. Jesus Santos, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Spain, will be addressed to 30 specialized Spanish prosecutors and envisage the participation of other relevant officials from Colombia, Brazil, France, Italy, United States as well as from EUROPOL, the United Nations and International Tribunals.

UNICRI's programme on victims and witness protection focuses, in particular, on persons who participate or who have participated in terrorist groups as well as on victims of terrorism. UNICRI training model, developed at the beginning of 2007 in cooperation with Spain, aims at improving skills to optimize the use of information provided by witnesses in accordance with the right of defence while promoting appropriate approaches to victims of terrorism.

In this framework, the course will deepen the issue of victims and witness protection through the analysis of recent terrorist cases such as the 11 March terrorist attacks in Madrid and the Lasa and Zabala case.

The workshop will see the participation of UNICRI Director Sandro Calvani, who will open the event together with the Spanish authorities.

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