EU-SEC Consortium Meeting
Security: Private Public Partnerships

EU-SEC Consortium Meeting at UNICRI Headquarters
Transnational talks

Turin, 5 March 2008. On the 5th March 2008 representatives of Austria, Finland, France, Portugal and the Netherlands met at UNICRI Headquarters for the EU-SEC meeting. The participants discussed, on behalf of the EU-SEC Consortium, the implementation of the final and joint transnational activities envisaged by the project, with a specific focus on Private Public Partnerships in the field of security during Major Events.

EU-SEC is a UNICRI project which aims to enhance the coordination of existing national research programmes and to set up a common long-term strategy for research in the field of security at Major Events within the European Union. In this way, EU-SEC aims to prevent fragmentation of ideas and duplication of efforts. The project aims to synchronize private security technology providers with national security practitioners. This will facilitate the development and supply of the most effective security technology. EU-SEC aims to facilitate the development of efficient, cost effective security tools for Member States.

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