Public and private partnerships
Second Brainstorming at UNICRI

UNICRI continues its work on Public Private Partnerships - PPP
Second Brainstorming on the Protection of Vulnerable Targets at UNICRI Headquarters

Turin, 17 March 2008. UNICRI has held the second brainstorming session on the protection of vulnerable targets at its Headquarters in Turin. The persistent threat posed by international terrorism requires continuing security efforts. As co-chair of the UN Counter Terrorism Task Force working group - CTITF - on the protection of vulnerable targets, UNICRI is continuing its work to create public-private partnerships in this area.

The first brainstorming meeting, held in November 2007, served to preliminarily identify existing networks and initiatives that could be involved in, and linked to the PPP initiative. This session enabled participants to share their broad range of experiences, and in this way, it was possible to identify best practices.

A follow-up to the previous session, today's meeting took place with the purpose of collecting additional information and best practices on PPPs. Topics such as information exchange and operational aspects of vulnerable target security were addressed.

In terms of the roadmap, the importance of continuing to collect information and best practice on existing PPPs was highlighted and attendees were invited to report on examples that they had researched or have otherwise come to their attention since the last meeting.

The significance of this meeting is the strategic element. Building on the knowledge gathered, the foundations were laid here for the establishment of an effective strategy for the protection of vulnerable targets. The participants contributed key strategic and operational aspects which need to be addressed, such as, funding, training, the identification of areas of common interest, the definition of joint and individual tasks and the delineation of responsibilities.

Participants also addressed issues which posed difficulties for the PPP, including confidentiality and data protection, by drawing on their experiences of instances where these challenges have been overcome.

The meeting hosted participants from Australia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA. There were also representatives from, among other organizations, the European Commission, Interpol, the Inter-American committee against Terrorism and the OSCE.

Mr Sandro Calvani, UNICRI Director said, 'the protection of vulnerable targets remains a priority for the international community. The formation of strong public-private partnerships can make a strong contribution to their protection. UNICRI's role is to facilitate and foster networks of communication so that we can have a lasting impact on the security of citizens.'

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