Teamwork and innovation lie at the heart of the new Laboratory
Testing ideas to invoke change

Turin, May 2008.  

The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute launched the first Laboratory for Security Governance and the fight against International Terrorism.

The event was attended by many distinguished guests, including Ms. Giovanna Melandri, Minister for Youth Policies and Sport, Mr. Arrigo Sacchi, Former head coach of the Italian National Soccer team and AC Milan and Mr. Valentino Castellani, Former Mayor of Turin and President of Turin Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (TOROC).

Ms. Melandri stressed the importance of inclusion and interreligious dialogue in the promotion of security. The youth council, which works to promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue is a vital part of improving prospects for security.

Mr. Castellani  spoke about the local experience - the Olympic games held in Turin in 2006. He stated that 'Security is not only about law enforcement, in fact this approach can be damaging to society. Security is about all facets of modern life, including integration, and intelligent strategies which involve all actors in society.

Mr. Arrigo Sacchi was invited to speak about his experiences in the field of management and the design of innovative strategies aimed at gaining optimal results from an entire team. Mr. Sacchi spoke at length about the importance, from a managerial point of view, of working together to focus on the common goal.

'The qualities I look for in a player are passion, and of course talent, but also the presence of an objective. I never selected a person solely on the basis of talent, but because they complemented the team and the task at hand. The key is to be able to use your talent to work with others on the team. This is the only way to achieve the ultimate goal.'

The Laboratory bridges the gap between national and international agencies by maximizing innovation, testing ideas and driving the cause for change using intelligent strategy.

Integration, teamwork and innovation align closely with the Laboratory's Security Governance Matrix. At the heart of this Matrix lie strategic management skills and the ability to lead the international community as a team working to optimize security.

Mr. Sandro Calvani, UNICRI Director, highlighted that decent jobs and security are the two top requirements for people across the globe. We have the power to provide this, but we must invest in innovation. 'We must not make the mistake of stealing the future from the younger generations. We must use all available brainpower to innovate in order to achieve our potential. Compagnia di San Paolo have believed in UNICRI and have supported us in our endeavours, helping us to achieve all we have to date.'

Mr. John Howie, Director of TWC, Microsoft Corporation, highlighted the importance of Security Governance and the contribution it can make to global security. He stressed the necessity for public-private partnerships and praised UNICRI in it's commitment to this alliance.

Mr. Piero Gastaldo, Secretary General Compagnia di San Paolo, praised the commitment UNICRI has shown to research and education. He stated that the projects which the Laboratory has developed in partnership with Compagnia di San Paolo have exceeded expectation and achieved remarkable international leverage. 'Compagnia di San Paolo is proud to be in partnership with UNICRI's Laboratory, which continues to give convincing solutions to frequently unanswered questions.'

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