First Art Exhibition on Crime

November 2008. As crime becomes increasingly internationalized, new forms of crime tend to emerge leading the international community to be progressively worried about the perspectives of terrorism, cyber crime, money laundering, identity thefts, trasnational organized crime, trafficking of organs and human beings. Frequently, the media frame crime and disorder by focusing on the dramatic and the harsh aspects ultimately leading public perception towards the belief that we live in an unsafe environment. The behaviors, situations and conditions that constitute this perceived disorder vary across countries, cities, communities, and specific urban settings.

A picture tells a thousand words: Communication on crime can have a lasting impact on the community, which ultimately aids the fight against crime.

To this end, UNICRI is organizing the First International Art Exhibition to Fight Crime which will compare outstanding art/design expressions worldwide.

The event will be comprised of various art forms such as pictures, ads, posters which convey the principle of legality, justice and crime prevention released by all UN agencies as well as by UN Member States since the establishment of the United Nations (1945) and which have the aim of fighting crime.


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