The IPO at Milano Fiere for Sicurtech Expo 2008
The economic benefits of hosting major events

Milan, 25 November 2008. The International Permanent Observatory (IPO) presented its stand at the Milan Security Expo 2008 in the presence of Alfredo Mantica, Italian Under-Secretary for State of External Affairs. UNICRI's Director, Mr Sandro Calvani, opened the stand, welcoming visitors from all over Italy to attend and to see the work of UNICRI. Also in attendance was Silvio Saffirio, Creative Director of one of the largest Italian advertising agencies. The objective of UNICRI's presence is to display and present the activities of its Security Governance and Counter Terrorism Laboratory at the Expo and demonstrate through its IPO Programme, the Laboratory’s capacity to provide security during major events and its ability to offer coordinated efforts to protect international actors from vulnerable targets.

The expo enabled UNICRI to put on view its Security Governance and Counter Terrorism Laboratory and how its activities can help improve the operational capacities of international actors functioning in the security sector. The Laboratory focuses its efforts to formulate global initiatives that assist in the area of illicit trafficking of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons and materials, radicalisation and extremism leading to terrorism, and being active in pursuing public-private partnerships.

Throughout the expo, UNICRI ventured to promote its flagship programme, the IPO, and the comprehensive range of services that it could provide to Member States seeking to sustain the social development and economic growth that come with hosting a major event in their country. For instance, in the UK, between 2005 and 2007, the organization of six sporting events allowed a return in total revenue income terms of almost US$ 14 million against the event funding of less than US$ 4.5 million.  UNICRI exhibited the IPO’s potential as a worldwide programme and how it could assist host countries to acquire access to its network of advice and expertise of Member States, international organisations, and broad network of experts within the IPO. Since 2003, the IPO has strived to promote greater openness to more sophisticated definitions of security and improve the quality of national security whilst at the same time, reducing the costs for the host state. This outcome is achieved via the cooperation of nations and/or organisations within various sectors of society, including partnerships between actors in public and private sectors.

The UNICRI stand showcased the work of two up-coming Swiss artists, Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz, inspired by a group of South African poets. Their composition illustrates the puzzling nature of the human condition through voices and expressions.

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