UNICRI launches its new Dialogue and Innovation Office
Innovative policies on Applied Research

Tuscany, 15 January 2009. The new UNICRI office in Tuscany (Italy) was presented yesterday to the press by the UNICRI Director, Mr. Sandro Calvani, the chief of the Security Governance - Counter Terrorism Laboratory, Mr. Francesco Cappi, and the President of Provincia di Lucca, Mr. Stefano Baccelli.

Thanks to an agreement signed with the Provincia di Lucca (Italy), UNICRI will relocate some of the activities of the Security Governance and Counter-Terrorism Laboratory to this province of Tuscany in april 2009.

The Laboratory, that is mainly involved in applied research, will take to Lucca five important programmes in the field of dialogue and innovation of communication, applying, for the first time, its own hosting idea strategy.

In this way UNICRI will decentralized, bringing its ideas and projects in direct contact with the civil society and the private sector.

From next April onwards the representative headquarters will be hosted at Palazzo Ducale in Lucca while other operational offices will be hosted by Ciocco, one of UNICRI's private partners. The agreement will be presented on the 22nd of January at the UN headquarters in New York, at the Innovative Policies to Advance Security Governance Conference. UNICRI Director, Mr. Sandro Calvani, the Robert Kennedy Foundation, Kerry Kennedy, the chief of the Laboratory Francesco Cappe', the president of the Provincia di Lucca Stefano Baccelli will attend the presentation.

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