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New initiative of UNICRI's Lab

January 2009.

UNICRI's Lab has decided to introduce elements of communication in our programmes in order to test new forms of presentation of the work of UN in a policy related field. Our main objective is to reach and involve people in our activities. We are determined to reduce the distance between the work of UN in the field of governance - often seen only in emergency context - and the people. We stress the importance to have a holistic and inclusive approach towards security that looks to the complexity of this phenomenon. Security is too often considered only a response to an emergency and as a consequence, it is painted as a "black area" dominated by fear. UNICRI's Lab believes that security is a basic daily need to guarantee people's happiness, and it is our objective to represent security as a "colourful area", which is free from fear.

Today, more then ever, the world needs an efficient UN. We believe that being in close step to people will enrich our work and help us in our effort to be results-oriented. This video-postcard aims to reach people, friends, colleagues and intends to be simply personal as a postcard is personal. It represents our spirit today, our team today. It shows some moments of our daily work and we hope you enjoy it.

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