New Laboratory offices
Dialogue and innovation lead to innovative offices

February 2009. UNICRIs Security Governance and Counter Terrorism Laboratory launched three new offices in Boston, Lisbon and Lucca. The opening of these offices marks the Laboratory’s commitment to spread pluralism and to bring the work of the UN closer to the wider community. By decentralising some important programmes, we aim at actively involving the citizenship and embracing outstanding local knowledge and skills in the development of ideas and projects. Working in close proximity with the society will enable our team to interact with people, to formulate new ideas and to advance creativity. In line with the Lab’s intents, the new offices will be hosted in unconventional premises such as a former post office, universities and resorts.

In Boston, UNICRI and the M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) SENSEable City Laboratory came together to form the Boston Office in a collaborative effort to assist cities in the development of strategies to improve urban security and to tackle the perception of security By having an office on the M.I.T university campus, UNICRI’s Laboratory is able to foster innovative policies to advance security governance, while the M.I.T SENSEable City Laboratory has a platform to study cities through technologies and to design systems that integrate technologies into the environment.

The Permanent PPPs Technical Centre in Lisbon, Portugal, has been launched within the Laboratory’s worldwide Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) initiative to protect vulnerable targets from terrorist attacks, to promote the enhancement of vulnerable targets globally, to facilitate international dialogue and to promote technical projects on PPPs. The Technical Centre, based in a former post office will work towards improving the level of mutual understanding between private and public sectors worldwide and will assist Member States in defining the role of the private sector in the field of security.

The new office on Dialogue and innovation based in Lucca, Italy, aims to serve communication and dialogue as privileged instruments to counter every form of radicalization and violent extremism. Through its various initiatives, it will pursue and further enhance the Lab’s activities in the field of dialogue and innovation, involving different constituents of the society and spreading pluralism as a per se value, with full respect for human rights and the principles expressed by the UN Chart. The Lucca office will also act to enhance the framework of regional cooperation and install a mechanism that supplements the Lab’s direct assistance to Member States on major event security.

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