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In the spotlight: Pirates of the Horn of Africa

Turin, April 2009.

UNICRI has launched the new Freedomfromfear’s website that is now available at

Freedom From Fear (F3) is a quarterly magazine on international affairs that aims to offer a forum for serious discussion on the hottest topics of the international community. F3 is published by UNICRI, a non-partisan agency of the United Nations operating in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. The publication also avails itself of the important editorial support of the Max-Planck Institute, the German non-profit research institute on international criminal law.

We conceived this journal in the belief that creating and sharing knowledge is a powerful way to strike down the walls of incomprehension, walls which frequently result in deep crisis and civil upheaval. The magazine would like to offer an overview of the work of the major organizations dealing with international issues, providing updates on the most important global events and achievements, and, ultimately, bringing this knowledge directly to those with the power and the expertise to make the operative decisions.

The contributors are renowned representatives of governments, diplomatic bodies and journalists, who will be called into questions to express their views in a free and independent fashion.

This online edition is intended to provide some further resources to our readers. The multi-media tools offered by Internet will give us the opportunity to portray a wider and clearer picture of what we study and what we work on. Videos and photos will convey the spirit of our editorial concept and will accompany all of our stories.

Nowadays there is no story that cannot be told through the power of images. International conferences, experts, vox populis are some of the elements comprising the reality that we will try to bring to the reader’s disposal.

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