Counter e-Crime Operations Summit III (CeCOS III)

Barcelona, 12 May 2009. The third edition of the Counter e-Crime Operations Summit (CeCOS III) will open on May 12th in Barcelona, Spain, for three days of discussions and meetings on electronic crimes.

The conference, organised by the Anti Phishing Working Group (APWG), will gather renowned experts in the field of information technology operations, security and law enforcement in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. The discussions will deal with global war against phishing and all forms of electronic crime.

UNICRI will be also attending the event. According to Mr. Sandro Calvani, Director of the agency, “Nowadays, e-crimes are among the most urgent issues that we have to face. Many countries are aware of the high risks connected to their information technology systems, and several states have already experienced attacks.

What is even more concerning is the potential use of this know-how by the crime industry. In order to fight this phenomenon, the international community has to feel the immediate necessity to undertake substantial steps forward in the fight against these illicit operations.”Presentations at the opening of the program will be delivered by e-crime responders within the APWG, its Global Research Partners and law enforcement personnel; they will discuss national and regional e-crime trends and individual case studies about resolving specific electronic crime cases. Presenters will come from the ranks of private industry, private security companies, public law enforcement agencies, government agencies and national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT). Real crime stories will be balanced with instructions about the skills the responders should exercise, as well as data and tools employed to resolve phishing attacks.

APWG principals, research fellows and Global Research Partners will portray the e-Crime landscape; they will present proposals for organizing global responses to harmonize efforts of e-Crime respondents and they will organize the work of securing infrastructure of the global network. Furthermore, presenters will examine the development of e-crime data exchange specifications and how they can be employed to optimise counter e-crime applications. Presentations about industrial policy at CeCOS II will investigate industrial policies that complicate the work of exploited brand holders and responders - such as the segments of domain name system (DNS) registration process that is abused by phishers as part of their phishing campaigns.

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