Mozambique, Italy and the United Nations for the protection of minors at risk
The photo exhibition “The Other Kids ” on display in Milan

Milan, 2 November 2009. The photo exhibition “The Other Kids ”, will open on the 2nd of November as part of the Conference “Minors, Justice, Social Security”, taking place in Milan on the 4th and 5the of November at the Sacro Cuore Catholic University of Milan on the occasion of  the twentieth anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Conference aims not only to celebrate the occasion, but also at raising awareness on the sensitive issue of children and criminal justice systems.

The exhibition which is on display in Via  Nirone, 15, from 2 November at 3PM  to 6 November at 1PM, is among the activities implemented under the Programme Strengthening Juvenile Justice in Mozambique, funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ General Directorate for Development Cooperation, and implemented by UNICRI in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Mozambique and other relevant institutions in the country. The programme was developed in response to the concern expressed by authorities in Mozambique regarding the phenomenon of abandonment and juvenile delinquency.

By establishing inter-institutional coordination mechanisms and by involving civil society organizations, the initiative has been proposed to protect the rights of minors in conflict with the law by offering them a legal and social path aimed towards their recovery and reintegration.

More specifically, some of the major activities implemented to strengthen the juvenile justice system in Mozambique include: the upgrading of the Tribunal for Minors of Maputo, the identification and support of Centres for minors - the first Observation Centre and the first Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre inaugurated in the Country - the creation of a prevention network through the support of listening to children, and the training of personnel such as policemen, judges and social operators.

Images taken from the recently published photo book “The Other Kids” narrate the stories of the protagonists throughout this experience which was able to achieve important project objectives.
The pictures illustrate the daily life in the districts of Maputo involved in the programme, the children’s play time, their learning, the work of Mozambican officials who contributed to the project with great passion and the study visits that took place in Italy. All in all, this is the story of a childhood on its way toward a future of hope.

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