Digital Trust Symposium
Promoting the cooperation between private enterprise and law enforcement to counter cybercrime

Brussels, 5 September 2010. The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), in cooperation with VeriSign Inc, is organizing a Digital Trust Symposium entitled Bridging the collaboration gap in cybercrime investigation: cultivating partnership between private enterprise and law enforcement. The Symposium will take place on 5 - 6 October at the Stanhope Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

Aim of the Symposium is to offer a unique opportunity to discuss with high level experts the issue of public and private cooperation in cybercrime related investigations. The event aims at bringing together both public and private stakeholders and thought leaders in an environment of open dialogue and trust, where all participants can identify and discuss the challenges and potential solutions to strengthen the cooperation between law enforcement and private entities in mitigating cybercrime.

The event is open to the public. Given the fact that it is restricted to a fixed amount of participants, people who are interested in attending have to register at the following link:

For further information please send a message to

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