Strategic Roadmap for the Launch of the European House of Major Events Security

Stockholm, January 2011. 22 EU Member States' representatives and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) will meet in Stockholm, hosted by the Swedish National Police, on 27 January 2011 for the long awaited presentation of the strategic roadmap for the creation of the European House of Major Events Security (the House). The House will be the main outcome of EU-SEC II, a three year European Commission funded project aimed at strengthening the coordination of national security research and planning for Major Events.

The House's strategic roadmap represents the first concrete step towards its launch, envisaged in mid 2011. The House will be a tool available to European security planners to assist them in adopting common standards for the planning of security at Major Events across Europe. The House could play an important role in implementing parts of the Stockholm Programme, which defines strategic guidelines for legislative and operational planning within the area of freedom, security and justice.

EU-SEC II is a project that aims to coordinate research efforts in the security for Major Events. 22 European Member States are represented in the project along with EUROPOL and are working under the coordination of UNICRI, one of the five UN Research Institutes, headquartered in Turin. The House has been unanimously identified by the project partners as a tool that will offer added value to the security planning phase for Major Events. The services/tools that the House will offer have all been identified and tested within the EU-SEC II project.

Via the EU-SEC II Consortium, which is composed of Ministries of the Interior, Ministries of Justice, National Police Forces, EU-SEC II has had the occasion to test some of the potential services of the House during the Champions League final held in Rome in 2009, the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit held in Copenhagen in December 2009 and the Papal visit to Cyprus in June 2010. The House will provide a more coordinated European approach that will result in better planning and thus better use of resources for security at Major Events.

In the advent of a myriad of Major Events that will take place in Europe including the London Olympics 2012, G8 summits and Champions League finals, the European Basketball Championships, the House will be well placed to offer assistance in coordinating security efforts via the provision of technical tools and methodologies to assist security planners to ensure that these events are executed in a safe and above all enjoyable manner.

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