Fake designation of origin
A Seminar on the growing phenomenon of food counterfeiting

Turin, 31 January 2012. Food counterfeiting will be the focus of the Seminar which will take place on January 31st at 10:30 at the Centro Congressi di Torino Incontra in via Nino Costa, 8. The Seminar, organized by UNICRI and the Chamber of Commerce of Torino, will be focusing on the extension and the increasing risks of a growing phenomenon that withholds consequences on consumers and the economy. In 2010 the Italian Customs Agency Database revealed that 1.466.328 counterfeit food and drink products were seized in Italy alone.

The increasing involvement of organized crime in food counterfeiting also extends health and safety hazards. The serious implications of counterfeiting require the establishment of wide synergies to prevent the phenomenon. This is why in 2008, following the invitation of the Prefecture, the Chamber of Commerce of Torino, in collaboration with local Institutes and associations, created the Provincial Observatory on counterfeiting within its PATLIB Center for Industrial Property. UNICRI also is member of the Observatory Steering Committee. Since 2009 the Observatory is specialized in dealing with food counterfeiting.

In 2007 UNICRI produced the first United Nations report on organized crime involvement in counterfeiting. The Institute focuses on the consequences of counterfeiting and the involvement of organized crime in specific products counterfeiting. Moreover, UNICRI promotes awareness over the issue and conducts training activities for the law enforcement. Special attention is paid to the role of new anti-counterfeiting technologies.

The Seminar will be held by Jonathan Lucas, Director of UNICRI; Alessandro Barberis, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Torino; Raffaele Guariniello, Prosecutor; Marco Musumeci, UNICRI Counterfeiting Programme Coordinator; Antonio Pergolizzi, Coordinator of the National Environmental and Legality Observatory of Legambiente and Neva Monari, Lawyer.

The Seminar on Counterfeiting is the first of a series of meetings that the Institute will organize in Torino with the objective of increasing awareness and promoting debate and dialogue on the different issues related to justice and crime prevention.

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