Countering deep-fakes and the misuse of video manipulations
How to verify the authenticity of images and videos?

The Hague, 11 November 2019. The UNICRI Centre for Artificial Intelligence Robotics, with support of the Data Science Initiative of the City of The Hague, is organizing a workshop on deep-fakes and manipulated videos.

As a follow-up to the 2nd edition of the Hackathon for Peace, Justice and Security, where UNICRI invited participants to find solutions to the “True or False” Challenge on fake videos, the workshop aims at discussing the current status and prevalence of deep-fakes and in particular video manipulations.

The discussion will focus on how major international organizations, including Europol, NATO and UNICRI, are tackling the risks related to the misuse of video manipulations.

The workshop will also enhance knowledge of terrorists and criminal groups misuse of deep-fakes and relevant countermeasures to address the phenomena. Furthermore, the workshop will represent an opportunity to discuss technological solutions that can support the detection of manipulated images.

The workshop will feature a practical exercise with a Machine Learning Canvas to define goals, challenges and risks. The group discussions will focus on impact and value proposition and deep learning algorithms and deployment. The workshop will be held at the Hague Security Delta Headquarters, and will include participants from Europol, NATO, TomTom, Bitfury, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands, the Netherlands National Police, Jheronymus Academy of Data Science and many others.

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