Countering Organized Crime and Corruption in Serbia


The Project


United Nations
Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

University of Florence,
Faculty of Law


Institute of Comparative Law of Belgrade

Judicial Training Center,


The project was generously funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the law 84/2001.


Increasing the efficiency of the Serbian legislation against organized crime and corruption trough judicial reform and harmonization of the national legislation to the European and International standards.The project aimed at strengthening instruments to combat organized crime and corruption in Serbia in the framework of international action in support of the rule of law. The project was designed in order to be complementary to other cooperation programmes implemented in the Balkans, at risk of resulting inefficient due to organized crime and corruption.


The Law Faculty of the University of Florence developed the scientific component of the project, and the Italian Anti-mafia bureau, with its decades of experience in countering organized crime, carried out an important exchange of expertise with the Serbian counterpart.

Legal reform


A task force was created with the aim of formulating reform proposals of the Serbian legislation with respect to anti-organised crime and anti-corruption. The task force was composed by Serbian experts and national authorities with the involvement of the national Prosecutor Office, the Special Prosecutor Office specialised in countering organised crime and the Ministry of Justice. The task force conducted the following activities:

  • Phase 1: carried out an in-depth analysis of the national legislation and case law on organized crime and corruption, to identify critical aspects to be addressed;
  • Phase 2: with the support of Italian legal experts, drafted a legal reform proposal and guidelines to fight against organized crime.


Training courses

Training courses targeted judges and prosecutors ad aimed at strengthening their capacities in the fight against organized crime and corruption. The training courses focused on the relevant international legislation as well as on the best practices positively experienced in other countries, with particular reference to the Italian experience.

15 participants attended the training course in Rome (2-6 July 2007).
Please find the agenda here.

30 participants attended the training courses in Belgrade (1st group, 27-31 August 2007; 2nd group, 3-7 September 2007).

The training focused on the analysis of the UN and European legal frameworks, as well as the Italian legislation against organized crime as a model for a comparative approach to the Serbian legal system on the following issues: organized crime; corruption; money laundering; drug trafficking; global challenges and global responses to organized crime.

Please also refer to the Bibliography on Organized Crime and Corruption.

 Project Publication

Download the publication: English version - Serbian version

The results of the project can be found in the publication “Countering organised crime in Serbia – from actual legislation to a broader reform”, The pubblication  was presented during the final conference that took place in Belgrade on 12 February 2008.




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