Judicial Training in Albania

Assistance to Albania in the Administration of Justice:
Training Courses for Judges, Prosecutors and other Justice Personnel



Funded by the Italian Cooperation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs



The programme, aimed at promoting a fair criminal justice system capable of effectively dealing with serious crimes (in particular organized crime - including illicit trafficking and corruption) at every stage of the criminal investigation and proceedings, through a specialized training of selected criminal justice personnel. Special attention was paid to the reinforcement of effective judicial assistance and police collaboration at multilateral and bilateral levels, with particular reference to the Italo-Albanian judicial cooperation.

Thirty "peer trainers", i.e. thirty prosecutors, judges and criminal police officers, were trained to provide their colleagues with in-service training. The training sessions,  featuring an interactive and factual approach, took place at the School of Magistrates in Tirana and aimed at enhancing trainees' personal communication skills and awareness-raising abilities.


  • the inclusion of modules based on the training experience in the regular syllabus of the School of Magistrates in Tirana;
  • a handbook drawing upon the materials and experience of the project, published in Albanian and disseminated throughout the justice system, including curricula and techniques for training criminal justice personne and base materials on the administration of criminal justice in a democratic and just environment, with special attention to serious and organized crime.

For further information please see the training material and proceeding papers, including national and international legislations.

Legal Measures and Techniques to Fight Against Transnational Organised Crime - A Comparison of Experiences - Download

This publication was drawn up from lectures of prominent experts and practical seminars. The manual is an effective and innovative tool which complements the program carried out in Albania to bring about effective changes in the fight against organised crime and foster bilateral judicial cooperation.

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