Judicial Training in the Andean Countries

International Experts

Scientific Coordinator

Pedro R. David
Judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Judge at High Court of Justice, Argentina, Member of UNICRI Board of Trustees.

Project Advisor

PierLuigi Dell'Osso
Public Prosecutor, National Antimafia Bureau, Italy.


Daniel Claman
Senior Trial Attorney, Money Laundering Section, Criminal Division, Department of State, United States of America.

Alfredo Dagdug Kalife
Professor, Criminal Proceedings and Criminology, National Criminal Law Institute (INACIPE), Mexico.

Euclides Dâmaso Simões
Public Prosecutor, Investigation and Criminal Proceedings Department, Portugal.

Jorge Garcia-Gonzalez
Director, Department of Legal Cooperation, Organization of American States.

Antenor Madruga
Director, Assets Recovery Department, Ministry of Justice, Brazil.

Juan Carlos Palou
National Coordinator, UNODC/COCOL, Colombia.

José Lués Pérez Sánchez-Cerro
Ambassador of Peru in Colombia.

Marcelo Stopanovski Ribeiro
Advisor for Information and Knowledge to the Assets Recovery Department of Ministry of Justice, Brazil.

Adriana Vieco
Trial Attorney, Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice, United States of America.

Experts from Colombia

The following officials from the Attorney General of Colombia provided lectures:
Luz Angela Bahamóña
Yolanda Sarmiento

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