International Conference on Security during Major Events concluded in Rome
Towards the Creation of a European House of Major Events

Rome, 9 July 2008. The Conference, organised by the Department of Public Security - Office of Public Order - of the Italian Ministry of the Interior presented, at an international level, the results of four years of activities of EU SEC. The project is coordinated by UNICRI - the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute – and funded by the European Commission – DG Research.

The Italian Chief of Police, Antonio Manganelli, and the Director of UNICRI, Sandro Calvani,  closed the three-day event. The conclusion of the conference saw the launch of EU-SEC II, the new phase of the project, lasting three years and funded by the DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. This latest phase aims to open new research avenues to facilitate a move towards a European model for the management of major events. Among the objectives of EU SEC II, is the enhancement of cooperation between public and private sectors in the field of security during major events. This new project starting today and lasting three years extensively builds upon EU-SEC’s achievements and methodology with the further goal-driven ambition: to assist, through the harmonization of national security research policies, the creation of a European House of Major Events. The House intends to provide a concrete response to the need for effective security policies of major events organizers, through the combination of the competencies of EU-SEC II and UNICRI’s International Permanent Observatory (IPO) for Security during Major Events - an extensive worldwide programme mandated specifically by a UN Resolution on Security during Major Events. Once fully operative, the House will provide technical assistance and a tested methodology to set up private public partnerships (PPPs) and coordinated applied research to the European Member States hosting a Major Event.

The conference, which took place in the impressive surroundings of the Police School for Advanced Studies, was opened by the Director of the Office of Public Order, Mr Raffaele Aiello. This was followed by contributions from National experts: Roberto Massucci Director of the National Centre of Information on Sporting Events; and Giuseppe Petronzi, Chief of the Italian general investigative and special operations division of Turin; as well as contributions from representatives from European Institutions and high-level experts in this field. Among these, Marco Malacarne, Chief of the Unit of Research and Development – Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission; Jean-Marc Milliot, Head of International Relations for the Directorate for the Formation of French National Police; Joachim Kersten, President of the Faculty of Political Science at the German Police Academy; Giancarlo Grasso Vice President of the European Forum for Innovation in Security Research. Arrigo Sacchi, UNICRI testimonial, also participated in the conference.

The conference was attended by 64 delegates from 22 European countries and EU institutions as well as from the United States and Australia. In order to share the results of studies conducted by 10 of the countries involved in the EU-SEC project on security during major events, a 78 page manual was compiled. The report analysed factors relevant to the organisation of events at national and international levels. The manual was approved by the participants to the conference and will be distributed amongst EU Member States and made available to all UN Member States.

The thematic areas analysed throughout the conference included: systems of analysis at the operation scenes; identification of potential targets; exchange of information to identify threats; relations with the media; and interaction between the public and private sector.

According to Mr. Calvani, “The results, insights, and best practices developed through the EU-SEC II will respond to the concrete exigencies of concreteness that characterizes projects on a day to day basis. EU-SEC II will provide concrete contributions to common security research policies that will deliver operational results in the future”.

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