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This issue serves as a platform to share different perspectives on some of the most critical destabilizing factors such as violent extremism, corruption, organized criminal networks and environmental crime. In doing so it seeks to provide useful inputs to the culture of change while emphasizing the importance of risk management – and the central role of citizens and civil society in addressing threats to their communities. This issue also covers topics which are often not given the attention they deserve; their adverse impact, meanwhile, affect the lives of citizens, communities and relations between countries. Please visit the Magazine website


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This issue of the Magazine covers problems ranging from the evolution of cybercrimes, to terrorist use of information technology, to the main offences committed through the Internet, aiming to improve our knowledge of growing phenomena. Nowadays, security is no longer just an issue in the real world: it is a virtual matter as well. We can now exchange information and know-how from one side of the world to another in just a few seconds. The accessibility of information combined with the fact that all aspects of our life are electronically stored are the two aspects that contribute to our socio-economic development, our possibility to enjoy the freedom of a world simultaneously connected to us, but also to our vulnerability to cybercrime. Phishing, pharming, credit card fraud, identity theft, computer espionage, hacking, the elaboration and diffusion of viruses and worms, just to mention a few, are now part of our common dictionary. This issue includes several perspectives on cybercrimes and suggestions to reduce our own vulnerability and on how to prevent this kind of attacks.



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